“You’re gonna make it after all…”

A close friend of our older son needed some help the other day. Her flight to San Jose was delayed, which made catching a bus to La Fortuna impossible. My husband picked “Rochelle” up at the airport and brought her home with him. The kids and I were thrilled to see her in the morning, and she and I visited after they left for school.

Rochelle is very bright, and is graduating early from UC Davis this December. She spent a semester here in CR last year, and has now returned for the summer to teach, in Spanish, to middle school students in Puntarenas. She came down early to visit with her former host family and tune up her Spanish skills. It was so refreshing to see a young woman with such an enlightened perspective, and who is optimistic with clarity. She loves the town of Davis, and sees it as a place she could settle down and raise a family, but she wants to travel and experience life fully before returning to Davis. Rochelle plans to get graduate credit next year working with schools on a US military base, somewhere overseas, then travel to India with her BFF’s next summer, where one of her friends is from. She knows how to earn money to support her dreams, and wants to graduate early to save money. Rochelle told me of her younger brother, who loves extreme sports, and was lucky to only break his leg, base jumping near a ski area on father’s day, her sister, who has begun practicing midwifery back east, and changes her family is experiencing, now that her 91 year old grandfather is living with their family. Her parents decided it is better for him to be with family than in a “home” in another state.

I am heartened to know women like Rochelle are out there, thriving and ultimately representing all of us in the future. I’m grateful my young daughter has so many positive role models, proving women and men alike can be contributing, multi-faceted, and happy members of the world community.
OK, stepping off the soap box…

My car is on an extended “spa” visit, so I had a taxi come to take her to the bus station in Grecia to catch a bus to La Fortuna. We look forward to getting together again with Rochelle when our son comes for a visit this summer.

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