Who Knew?

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that Marlon (Jason) Goldie’s hunky new mechanic has been dumped. He basically patched her up and it turns out his treatment was yet, another Band-Aid. The other day she began loosing lots of oil, which was a problem, because we had begun parking her on our ceramic tile patio after hordes of bats spent their nights hanging in the palms over her munching fruit and pooping. BTW(by the way,) think about it…head down, pooping parts above and somehow they can skillfully not get any on themselves! Amazing!

Anyway, almost everyone parks on their patios here, and we have lots of patio space so we don’t have our cars on the front patio, but I digress… We finally asked our landlord, who has lived here forever, and is beloved by everyone in the area, who his mechanic is, went to see him, and Goldie will be spending this week in his intensive care unit. I had quite a mess to clean up and I researched online, of course, and went up to our small local market (abastecdor), and found no cat litter, but was intrigued by a bag of chicken feed. Same color as sawdust, and let’s face it, who sells sawdust, and the consistency looked similar with added larger chunks of corn kernels, so I bought it. Let me tell you, it cleaned up every little bit of that oil, even did well in the grout lines, thanks to the grit of the kernels, and the small bag was only 620 colones, about $1.40! So, next time you have a similar mess to contend with…head off to your local feedstore.

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