What Should I Pass On to My Children?

I have inherited the possessions of two relatives in my life, and it was an overwhelming experience I am determined NOT to pass on to my children!

From bulky wooden pieces of furniture to trinkets from world travels, I had to try to unravel the history and value of the multiple mementoes my grandmother had left behind. Like an archeologist, I unearthed studiously wrapped up and ferreted away treasures I discovered in the far end of bureau drawers and closets.

Nana had surprised me by labeling a few of her more precious pieces, but knowing where they’d come from, or their age, wasn’t enough to take me back to that place and time she’d found so important. This is why most of us hold onto mementoes, they remind us of a special time, person, or place in OUR lives.

I was a young single mother at the time my 93 year-old grandmother passed and trying to decide what furniture pieces to hold onto wasn’t that difficult. Although they were decades old and not in great shape, the furniture Nana left us was an upgrade from what my son and I had been using for years.

It was the dusty photo albums of her theater days, her unique cross collection and numerous teacups with matching saucers, that I hadn’t a clue what to do with!

In my Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life 7 Day Challenge, I talk about those sentimental items that take us to another time and place, and suggest how to live with them in the present.

Sign up here here to learn what to hang onto, and what you should not.

Included in my challenge, are articles like Courtney Carver’s, On All The Sentimental Stuff and Clutter, where she suggests that we put more importance on the stories of things, rather than the things themselves.

Preserve your special memories without the dusty boxes. Do it now, while there’s still time.

Pura vida, Penny



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