Transform An Ikea BILLY Bookcase Into A Stunning Kitchen Pantry

Ikea provides affordable and good-looking options for remodelers on a budget, and here’s how to make your money go even further!

While designing our kitchen, using Ikea cabinets, we needed a large pantry for our family. The cost of the coordinating Ikea pantry unit exceeded our budget, so I decided to wander around Ikea for a while and figure out an option. That’s when the BILLY bookcase came into view!

It’s estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Pretty impressive considering the Billy series was launched in 1979. Historically, these bookcases have become a home for books and chotskis to be displayed, but these days, they can be transformed into a myriad of functional furniture/storage pieces.

You can find BILLY bookcases in the Living Room – Bookcases section of Ikea stores, and online catalog.

The base units come in four different finishes; Birch veneer, Black Brown, Brown Ash Veneer, and White. Adding a cabinet door, available in coordinating wood veneer, with or without glass inserts, can change the look of the BILLY bookcase dramatically. The Billy bookcase doors also come in customizable clear glass, so you can add you own unique color, wallpaper, or innumerable design elements to your cabinet, making it one-of-a-kind!

We selected the brown-black base color units, buying one 63 x 79 1/2 x 11 ” double wide unit and paired it with a 15 3/4 x 11 x 79 1/2 ” single-wide unit. This fit our space, and suited our needs perfectly. With so many size options you’ll be able to create a unit just right for your space.

We built the cabinets, then secured them to the walls and each other, by following the easy Ikea step-by-step instructions.

Our aesthetic is modern and sleek, so we selected the affordable and beautiful darkwood-grain TINGSRYD cabinet door and drawer fronts for our kitchen cabinetry.

The black-brown finish we chose for our Billy kitchen pantry unit base, matched the TINGSRYD perfectly.

We decided to use the MORLIDEN glass doors with an aluminum frame.

These amazing doors come with two different color panels so you can change the look of the doors when, and if you want! Using the white panels, that complimented out bright white countertops, we attached our doors and viola…

The MORLIDEN doors come with simple brushed aluminum door pulls, so there’s no need to purchase any hardware!

Our entire kitchen turned out fantastically and we came in under budget!

Your Billy bookcase kitchen pantry, like mine, will be a breeze to clean and keep organized. So save money and create storage, while you give your kitchen a facelift today!

Pura vida, Penny

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