Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life – 7 Day Challenge

Day 5 · Impede the Impedimenta

Impedimenta – plural noun 1. baggage or other things that hinder one’s progress, things that impede, encumbrances, junk, obstructions, baggage.

Now that you’ve begun to streamline the flow through your home, remove excess decor, and tackle your “clutter clusters,” you need to think about how all those items landed in your home in the first place. It’s time to start shopping intentionally. For those of us living in developed nations, having too much stuff is one of the primary obstacles to a happy life. You have to have make money to buy it, create space for it, clean it, maintain it, protect it, upgrade it, and live amongst it! Stuff rules our lives, demands our attention, and distracts us from what is really important. It’s vital to start seeing our stuff for what it actually is and how it can be detrimental to our well-being and peace of mind. Activity – You’ve accomplished a lot this week, so today is less physical activity. Stop bringing unnecessary stuff into your spaces and start shopping as if you are living in a 400 square foot tiny house with very little storage space. Stop recreational shopping. Don’t go shopping if you don’t need a particular item and when you are shopping, stick to your list and stay focussed! This does not mean expensive daily trips to the market, it just requires better menu planning, checking out what you already have before you leave the house, and curbing impulse buying. It’s not just a matter of need vs want, a tiny house simply can not hold that much. Pretend you are already living in a tiny house every time you head out to shop.

Pura vida, Penny
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