Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life · 7 Day Challenge

Day 7 · I’m free!

Today marks the final day of our 7 Day Challenge, but hopefully, this is just the beginning of your “Tiny House Lifestyle!’ Check out all 7 days of this challenge at http://pennyspuravida.com

Transitioning into the “tiny house mindset” is a process, but hopefully, you’ve begun to experience more freedom and less stress as a result of your downsizing.

You can now move through your home with ease and are appreciating the single keepsake you have on display, rather than cleaning and dusting a bunch of chotskies. You feel joy and pride as you open your closets and drawers and have set up hidden storage for all of your craft supplies in an unused closet. You’re shopping smarter because the thought of bringing something else into your downsized “tiny home” terrifies you!


I’ll have more “Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life” guides coming out soon, so be sure you’re signed up to receive all the announcements and updates on my blog Penny’s Pura Vida.

Here are some additional ways you can “tiny house” your full-sized life and reduce spending while you wait:

  • Invest in efficient light bulbs and alternative energy products. If you need to purchase big-ticket items (electronics, appliances or plumbing fixtures,) choose products that will help reduce your utility bills to “tiny house” size.
  • Buy fewer expensive packaged goods (that can be full of unknown additives) and do more shopping in the bulk foods section. Make more meals from scratch and reduce the amount of waste you generate. In the long run, eating a healthier diet can lower future healthcare costs!

Shop smarter, spend wisely and stop going further into debt. You want to be able to choose to move into a tiny house, not be forced into one because you have no other options.

Thank you for taking this journey with me! Enjoy your new-found freedom and tell your friends how they can start “tiny house living” too!

Pura vida, Penny


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