Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life · 7 Day Challenge

Day 6 · Explore, investigate and try new things

I used to watch house hunting shows and agree completely with those homebuyers who would say, “This whole kitchen is so dated and small! Who could live here?”

After living abroad I now know the answer to that question, we all can.

Our family of four (including two teenagers) lived quite comfortably in a tiny apartment in Costa Rica, and we thrived.

The house hunters on makeover shows, dismiss cabinets, flooring, and countertops that are in decent condition and functioning well, for being 10-20 years old.  When “demo day” comes, they destroy everything, proudly swinging sledgehammers through walls and cabinets without a thought of salvaging the perfectly good (and often much better quality) lumber from decades ago.

The rubble is then thrown in a dumpster and hauled off to the landfill.

Could they have used that lumber for another project? Would someone who can’t afford to buy new, be able to use those cabinets or floor tiles in their home?  

“Tiny house living” encourages a more thoughtful mindset and as you embrace it, incidences of wasteful living you witness will begin to frustrate you. While you can’t control others’ behavior, your lifestyle can serve as an example and inspiration to others.

If you decide to do some remodeling or redecorating in your full-sized life and plan to take out something that is not your taste/style try to remove salvageable materials carefully so that they can be donated to organizations that would be thrilled to get them!

Just because you have the resources to replace something, does not mean you shouldn’t consider what will happen to all the materials you’ll be removing.

“Tiny house living” requires ingenuity. You’ll find yourself saying, “How can we make this work? Can this piece of furniture serve multiple functions? Let’s find a way to use what we’ve already got instead of bringing something else into our tiny home.” 

Activity – Today’s activity is mostly mental. Begin to research ways live with less by repurposing things you already own. Here are some ingenious ideas from my Pinterest board.

Before you decide to replace or purchase something new; take the time to look at repurposing something you already own, commit to creating or purchasing only multi-functional pieces of furniture, and try shopping for gently-used secondhand items when you can.

You’ve accomplished a lot this week and made a big difference in how your full-sized life impacts you. Remember how great “tiny house living” feels in the months and years ahead, and save this challenge so you can refer back to these tips and tricks if you get overwhelmed again in the future.

Pura vida, Penny

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