Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life · 7 Day Challenge

Day 3 · Manage the Mélange

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. – A.A. Milne

I thought about this quote as I unearthed a combination lock from what has evolved into my bedroom junk drawer. I’d been looking for a hair clip, and although I own 5+, I couldn’t find one. But there was that lock I’d been looking for!… Now, what was the combo?

Being disorderly is not exciting or peace-inducing, so let’s make some changes!

There are some popular organizing strategies floating around these days, like focussing on only keeping the things that “bring you joy.” Unfortunately, this approach fails to address functional versus enjoyable items and may leave with organized spaces, but not less stuff.

Unless you seriously eliminate a large portion of your possessions, you’ll be organizing, cleaning, and getting overwhelmed by your joy-filled items until the end of time.

My friend once referred to me as a “pre-hoarder,” and she was right. I’d been known to deftly spin elaborate stories rationalizing my burgeoning clutter, so I had to start asking different questions. That’s our next step, asking different questions about our stuff.

  • Do I have duplicates of this item? If so, pick one and remove the others.
  • Do I use this item at least once every two weeks? If not, begin to think about the value of the real estate the item is taking up in your home. 
  • Does this item serve more than one purpose? If so, bravo!

You can not live in a tiny house and own many possessions. Everything in your tiny home should be something you use on a regular basis. This includes linens, kitchen items, office, toiletries, and clothing.

You don’t have to eliminate everything now, but think about the value of the item when you bring it out to use once every six months…is it worth holding on to? 

We all have areas in our home that we do not want anyone to see. Those should be your priority “clutter clusters” to tackle. We will address sentimental items and books tomorrow, so set them aside for now.

Check out my Pinterest page for downsizing tips.

Here are additional links to help you address your: kitchenfridgeofficebathroomgarageholiday decorations, and craft supplies. One note, some of these links show you how to display all of your organized stuff. Please ignore those ideas. This challenge encourages you to store as much as possible out of sight.

Activity – Today I’m going to walk you through a clothing downsizing exercise to help you get started:

Pull everything out.

Try on every article of clothing and ask yourself:

Do you love it?  If not, LET IT GO.

Does it make you feel great?  If not, LET IT GO.

Would you buy it again?  If not, LET IT GO.

Would you want to wear it for the rest of the day?  All clothing that you can only stand to wear for a short period of time, LET THEM GO.

Over time, continue making your way through all of your “clutter clusters.” Pull out everything from the space you’re going through and see how beautiful and spacious it is without stuff in it. Going forward, every time you look at that area, you should be moved by that thought.

Before you put things back into that area, ask new questions about each item, considering them as if you are living in a tiny house. 

This activity will take time, so pace yourself. Clear out one “clutter cluster” then see how opening that closet or drawer fills you with pride! Let this motivate you to move on to the next “clutter cluster,” and the next “clutter cluster”… 

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and see how good “tiny house living” feels!

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Pura vida, Penny

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