“Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life” · 7 Day Challenge

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. – Marie Kondo

Tiny house living or downsizing may sound appealing, but if you can’t abandon your current full-sized life, you can still experience the joys of tiny house living.

I moved back to the US two years ago after long-term tiny house living abroad and in just two short years back home, my drawers, closets, and life were bursting at the seams. I had innumerable decorations (otherwise known as stuff) out on display that needed constant cleaning and I’d begun replacing, rather than religiously repurposing or upcycling what I already had. As the amount of stuff increased, “clutter clusters” were spawned in almost every room.

The materialism that I was able to successfully shake for so many years abroad, had seeped back into my life without my realizing it. But instead of berating myself for the overwhelming state I’d found myself in, I did something about it. I tiny housed my full-sized life in seven short days!

I made some simple changes to how I thought about my possessions, and the negative lifestyle habits I’d reestablished.

I addressed my chaotic spaces by first doing some visualization and considering functionality which helped me devise a smooth flow of movement through each room, open sight-lines, clean surfaces and a serene environment.

Once I knew what I wanted my spaces to look like and the true purpose of each, I was able to take simple steps to transform my full-sized home into a high functioning, peaceful oasis. I began to change my point of view and routines, which provided more time, less stress and a remarkable sense of freedom. I was, once again, experiencing the joys of tiny house living!

Are you ready to downsize and simplify but not sure where to start, or even what that really means?

Join us today for the free Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life · 7 Day Challenge sign up here

I’ll lead you through an easy step-by-step journey that will help you begin to think about things differently and enjoy a refreshing sense of calm.

You’ll join other serenity seekers receiving prompts, hints and guidance each day that will help you develop a plan of action. You’ll begin to clear out the chaos and clutter so you can live in a more peaceful and inspiring space. Each day, you’ll explore a facet of tiny house living and learn how to incorporate that into your full-sized life. Because everyone’s chaos is unique, you can modify each lesson so it will be most impactful for you. Oh, and it’s completely free to join.

Just sign up here and take the first step toward the pura vida life you’ve only dreamed about!

5 comments on “Tiny House Your Full-Sized Life” · 7 Day Challenge

  • Kayla Floyd

    I love this!! Such a clever title and so resonates for me. We sold everything we owned two years ago to travel full time and then ended up putting down roots again this year. We were mindful in our choices when we purchased a home and possessions again but it’s amazing how the consumer culture sneaks up. So looking forward to inviting space and simplicity with your challenge!!!

    • Penny (author)

      I’m glad you’ll be joining us Kayla!

  • Rachel

    I can totally relate to this! Ever since I moved to China in 2010 (and several places since) the amount of stuff I own continues to get smaller and smaller. It’s such a nice feeling every time I donate a few more things. Looking forward to hearing your tips!

  • Julia

    I’m currently in the process of moving and wish so badly I had downsized significantly before getting to this stage. Humans and their things. It’s all just so unnecessary! I too have written a lot about minimalism and I thought I was on the right track, but given the current state of my apartment, I’m just not so sure! Great challenge concept!

  • Rebecca Painter

    Sounds great! And I’m impressed that you only took 7 days for your own house! The challenge sounds like a great resource. I don’t currently have a house, but I will be sharing this with my mom since I know she’s been struggling to get their house cleaned out.

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