Something’s in the air

Our first day in our new home, we noticed a wonderful smell of fresh baking cake, or cookies. It was heaven! At least four times a day our property is saturated with the smell of fresh baked goodies right of the oven! We tried in vain to see where these smells were coming from, but until we visited our neighbors home, up the hill, we couldn’t see it. There is a small commercial bakery, hidden by trees, not far from us with little elves in white bakers outfits (complete with hats) busily going about their people pleasing business. OK, not really elves, but whatever they are making smells so incredible, it’s magically delicious! I have lost 16 pounds since we moved to Grecia, I guess my sweet tooth has been satisfied by deep breathing!

We used to live higher in the mountains, and were surrounded by coffee fields. Now we’re in sugar cane land. It is harvest time and the overloaded tractors and trucks haul the cut cane to the processing plant not too far from our house. We are fortunate to live in a small valley and the aroma of sugar cane processing floats by overhead, unnoticed. Driving near it is another story. I can’t imagine how the plant’s neighbors have grown accustomed to the plant’s odors. It goes from sickeningly sweet to outright nasty! The other challenge living in sugar cane land is the fact that, once the fields are harvested, biannually, they are burned. Our landlord prepared us for the potential of frighteningly high flames near us, but assures us they are monitored and over fairly quickly. The fields surrounding our place have not been burned yet, but they did burn up in the hills yesterday and for the day, the air was pretty miserable and don’t get me started on the resulting pool maintenance!
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