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Twinkle, twinkle…

We have a miniature poodle. He is our first small dog, and I am now a convert! He doesn’t destroy a new toy in a day, eats less = poops less, is easy to have in your lap/bed, and this one doesn’t shed. He falls asleep on our bed until my husband comes in, and then he heads off to our daughter’s room. Last night he was a good little perro bravo, or guard dog, when my husband opened the door, he alerted me to the “intruder.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I went to heat up some milk. There on the kitchen floor, I saw what I assumed was a wayward firefly making his way across the floor. I flipped on the light, and lo and behold it was a centipede with a glowing green headlamp! I am enthralled with the fireflies, because I have never lived anywhere that they also called home, but a glowing centipede! After researching it this morning, I believe what I saw was a luminescent millipede.

I don’t know where I’m a gonna go, when the volcano blows!

If you’ve read my profile, you’ll see that I follow Alaska politics. Alaska is a telenovella, complete with bungling power hungry politicians, narcissictic divas, earnest citizen journalists trying to hold people accountable, rebellious children who must be bailed out of trouble constantly, and a volcano which threatens the citizens, and landscape of this troubled land. Think I’m exaggerating?
Go visit: http://www.themudflats.net
The writer is impossibly eloquent, insightful, and right on the money, as she watches the strange goings on in her home. Be warned though, one visit…and you’ll be hooked!

Starry starry night…

We went to a star watching event at our children’s school the other night. They brought in two high powered laboratory quality telescopes, and food and light up toys for purchase. They gathered the kids together for a little lecture on what they might see and then all the children lined up in two rows in front of the telescopes to wait for their turn to view. As fate would have it, clouds filled the sky and not even a star could be seen, so we waited… The kids sat patiently in the dark on the field, playing with their light up toys and chatting excitedly. Forty five minutes passed before the first break in the clouds appeared, hurriedly the telescopes were rotated into place to see the moon, and the children were individually hustled up to the lens. The kids were so excited, they began cheering for the moon like they were at a soccer game, oooway, oway, oway, oway…luna, luna! I’ve included an audio of this, it’s noisy, but you can hear the kids chanting a couple of seconds in.

I see now, that Costa Rican children are introduced to flexing their patience muscle at a young age, and it is an invaluable exercise for survival in this country.

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