Que Linda!

I’ve begun teaching English to the children at the preschool/kindergarten that is a part of our children’s school. I taught a similar curriculum in the states for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their parent, like mommy and me-type classes. It seems to be a great fit, as I use puppets, finger plays, dancing, parachute play and simple repetitive songs which are very engaging. The kids are already singing along, plus, they squeal and excitedly call out my name when they see me each week, which makes me feel good!:) The school is very well appointed, clean, organized and the staff is very affectionate and loving, something you don’t see in the states.

Large sinks are located in the hallways so the children can wash their hands after recesses, and brush their teeth after lunch, every single one of them line up to do this! This occurs at all of the schools here in Costa Rica, it’s fantastic! The children wear uniforms, like they do at all schools here, and the ones for the little kids are incredibly cute! The girls wear little pinafores over shorts and the boys wear smart little tailored shirts over their shorts. I’m having a blast, and feel honored to be able to share my classes here, with these adorable children!

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