Nice to Meat You!

While sitting outside my little neighborhood market, I witnessed an unusual site. A delivery truck pulled up and the driver came around, opened the back, and hopped in. He disappeared in the dark of the back of the truck, then appeared again donning a hooded sweatshirt, zipped up to his chin, holding an entire half of a cow on his back, by it’s foot above his head. He jumped down and marched the carcass into the store, which is also a carniceria. He came back out and grabbed another, then returned and removed his sweatshirt, hung it in the back, swept out the, meat bits(?) and gave a perfunctory wipe of his hands on his pants and drove away. We have bought our meat here often and the quality has been very good, so… I guess what you don’t know won’t hurt you!

The great weekly local feria(farmer’s market) is this morning, so the kids and I will set off soon in a taxi, to get our produce. Pictures of this fabulous bounty, coming soon! Feliz fin de semana!

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