Labor Day in Costa Rica


The past few weeks here in paradise, have been eventful!

We took the family to Termales del Bosque:

and had an amazing time at the quiet and little known, hot springs in the jungle. We took our regular vacation to San Carlos, Nicaragua, and were able to share this unique adventure with our son, who was utterly “blown away” by the experience! You can find out more about this trip by checking out my earlier post in June. We went into San Jose and had lunch at Tin Jo,(fantastic Asian fare) then made our way to the nearby import store to purchase fresh tofu, a new Mah jong set, and I bought myself a birthday present…a lighted and framed picture of a waterfall with a rolling devise behind which makes the waterfall and river below, come alive! Those who never frequented bars of old in the US, have never seen one of these “magical pictures,” which were used as advertisements for various breweries. Ahh the memories… The only thing missing, thankfully, is the stale smell of beer and tobacco!

The culmination of all this frivolity, came with a surprise 50th birthday party thrown by my husband and our wonderful friends here in Grecia. We drank mango rum, swam, chatted endlessly, and threw darts during the evening downpour.

Living the dream here in paradise!


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