It’s Brilliant!

Spend time around your favorite British friend and you’ll shortly hear…brilliant! Now it’s my turn. A few posts back, I discussed a structure going up nearby made out of four old shipping crates. Well it’s coming along swimmingly, and I spoke to a builder today about the plans for this multi-use structure.

There’s a long well in the cement floor for oil changing, etc, and that is the area for the “lubricentro” with an office/storage located in the lower right crate. They’ve attached an exterior staircase, opened the end of the upper right crate and built a small balcony for a hair salon! But that’s not all…the left side crates are going to become a bodega, or store! Four, maybe more, businesses in one cool building, it’s brilliant!
I love that they are using some materials that would normally be scrapped, and I still say it would make a interesting house in the right location.

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