It’s A Small World After All…

The other day my husband was talking with a Tica friend in Lindora. She said, “I heard you had a birthday party for your daughter.” He said, “Yes we did,” and proceeded to tell her of the error of my ways, with wanting to throw a slumber party (refer to my earlier post, Trying to Party, March 22, 2008.) It turns out, his friend has family living in Grecia and they have friends that know friends, that know the family of one of the girls that attended, and my party was the talk of the town! The moms were actually taking notes of the activities and “parting gifts,” and were very impressed with the whole affair. I am so pleased. I see myself as blundering around town and sticking out like a sore thumb, but apparently I did something right!
The other great news is, the principal of our children’s school found out I was volunteering at the neighboring preschool, and has asked me to help them put on a big English Day celebration at their school!

I haven’t met any gringa friends that I spend time with here. I wanted it that way for the first year, but now, given my limited Spanish skills, I am ready. Truly socializing, even with the parents as we wait for our children after school, is very difficult. I’m committed to practicing my Spanish more, but in my defense, I’m trying to do this at the same time the “late-forties-forgetfulness” is setting in. I have decided I am going to seek out some English speaking friends. There looks to be a number of gringas in the metro areas near the international schools, but I know there must be girlfriend candidates closer to home, and I’m sure I will connect with them before long.

I will be posting a blog about our first trip up the river into Nicaragua tomorrow, so check back then! Also, if you happen to visit my blog, let me know by becoming a follower. It’s painless and you can follow anonymously..thanks!

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