I’m Turning Tica, Si! Oh Yes, I Think So…

It’s official, I’m turning into a Tica, and here is why:

#1 When we first arrived in Costa Rica, I thought many women dressed somewhat provocatively. Late teens through great grandmothers, they all flaunt what they’ve got! As a fifty year old, ex-hippy, I ambled around in my sensible flats (often Birkenstocks,) loose fitting shirts, and comfortable khakis, camouflaging what I felt was my less than perfect body. In the US, the obsession with being thin is ingrained in every woman from a young age, I was dieting in middle school! Latin women embrace their figures and exude confidence. Most women exercise daily and naturally tend to eat healthier with such an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are comfortable in their skin and know that dressing up a bit, and taking a few extra minutes on your appearance, helps make you feel beautiful and radiate confidence. I now embrace my feminine side; painting my nails, wearing a bit of make-up, closer fitting clothes, and even occasionally heels. I feel great, and appreciate the compliments from friends. As you can see in the photo above, I’m killin’ it.

#2 Ticas keep a clean house. I am many things, creative, optimistic, fun loving, but not a neat-nik. I appreciate organization, and get into putting a closet into shape, every now and then, but the daily tidying, sweeping, mopping, etc… NOT! Well, it’s beginning to change, I am taking pride in my neat and tidy casa. Things are far from  what I’ve seen inmost Tico homes, but I’m working on it!

#3 While I’m on this topic, let’s take a peek into my Tico bathroom, shall we…


Perhaps, because this is a rental Tico home, it seems appropriate, but never in a thousand years, would I have wanted to dress up my toilet in the states! I think this is the ultimate proof that I am a Tica now.

Totally Tica

4 comments on I’m Turning Tica, Si! Oh Yes, I Think So…

  • Anonymous

    Too funny, Penny. Love your loo! Who knew you could put a veil there?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Peninparadise,

    Regina here, for ExpatWomen.com.

    I would like to personally invite you to list your blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory (www.expatwomen.com/expatblog/) so that other women can read about and learn from your expat experiences.

    Many thanks in advance for your contribution and keep up your great blog!


  • Anonymous

    hi pen! I miss your posts! They are a source of great info and entertainment for those of us "still pats" here in the States. I'd love to hear from you via e-mail too!

    your old friend kelly:)

  • Costa Rica

    LOL that bathroom is oh so funny!

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