Get Back To Work!!!!!!!!!

Vacation is over, and it’s back to school and work! Actually, things started coming back to life on Saturday after Good Friday. There were parties, fireworks and even soccer games on Easter Sunday. We got our first good afternoon rain shower on Sunday, which is a harbinger of the rainy season that is headed our way! Everyone seems happy to greet the rains though, as the usually green Costa Rican landscape has turned a tad brown and crispy.

There is a Hanes Brands Inc. plant in Grecia. It employs a ton of people, who look pretty content coming and going to their job, and there are also many couples who walk into work hand in hand. A funny thing, we bought my daughter Hanes underwear at Walmart the last time we were in the states, and it turns out it was made right here in Grecia!

All the local construction folks are back to work also. One group nearby is building a warehouse. They got four shipping crates, stacked them across from each other and layed rafters across the top, they then built the front and back walls with cement blocks and pieces of corregated steel…voila!

That’s all it took for some folks nearby to get it done. They definately have building codes here, but evidently they are a bit looser in certain circumstances! As I watch this structure morph, I am becoming increasingly fond of it. It seems like it will hold up in an earthquake and could actually work well as an industrial loft residence. The fun part would be trying to incorporate as much recycled material into the design as possible.

Talk about adventures in building…They are constructing a large municipal building/complex of concrete and steel rebar near our children’s school. It is at least five stories with a subterranian garage. What is most amazing, is that they are mixing ALL THE CEMENT BAG BY BAG! There are cement mixer trucks here, but only in the larger metro areas, so they pour the cement one bag at a time into a large on site mixer, then pour it into wheelbarrels or a large funnel with a spout that is hauled up by a huge central crane. The workers then spend a lot of time chiseling away in spots all over the recently poured surfaces. Construction is actually progressing at a moderate clip, but it just one of those things that make you shake your head!

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