The Stunning DIY Wedding Gift, Couples Will Treasure

Racking your brain for the perfect gift for that special couple? This easy to create DIY statue of the bride and groom’s hands is a one-of-a-kind piece of art all couples will love!

Even if you aren’t confident in your crafting skills, these unique hand statues are practically mistake free to create, and turn out stunningly every time.

First, order the kit on Amazon:

Ask the couple for ten minutes of their time, ideally more than a week before their wedding. No worries, if you only have a few days, you can still make this!

Meet them somewhere that has a sink and running water and bring the following with you:

  • The moulding kit in the moulding bucket, with the label removed. (Keeping your gift a surprise.)
  • A bowl or bucket for mixing together the moulding gel powder and water
  • A jug containing 7 cups of cold water
  • A long-handled mixing spoon, silicone/rubber spatula, scissors
  • A couple of old towels

Place the empty moulding bucket on a towel covered lower surface, so the couple can hold their hands in the bucket comfortably, without having their arms in an awkward position. Have the couple practice clasping their hands and holding them in the bucket, NOT TOUCHING THE SIDES OR BOTTOM. This is possible, even if one person’s hand is large.

Ask the couple to wet their hands, while you cut open the foil moulding mix pouch, empty it into your mixing bowl/bucket, add the cold water and mix until it begins to turn pink. Immediately pour into the moulding bucket and have the couple lower their moistened and clasped hands down into the moulding gel. Checking that their shoulders are relaxed as possible and making sure they’re not touching the sides or bottom, distract them with witty conversation and praise for how well they’re doing.

Once the mixture turns white (about 2 minutes,) tell them they only have to maintain their position for another 2-3 minutes, until the gel is firm. Once that occurs, have them gently remove their hands, one at a time.

Rub gel off of hands and out mixing bowl/bucket into a trash can, not down the drain! A plumber’s bill is not a good wedding gift.

Bid the couple adieu, and head home to create your masterpiece.

Once home, gently lift out any stray pieces of gel out of the mold and mix up plaster according to the instructions. Pour into mold in small increments, using a small paintbrush to “paint” into fingertips. while adding plaster, bounce the molding bucket on the counter to assure plaster goes completely into the mold. This also allows small air bubbles to rise to the surface.

24 hours later, you’re ready to remove the silicone and reveal your hands statue. The statue will have little bubbles on the surface that can be easily rubbed off. Having created a number of these, I bought a small dental tool set to help finish my statues.

Use a dry paint brush to brush clean.

With another small paint brush, fill small holes with the retained plaster, mixed with water.

Wait at least a week, for the statue to dry completely before you seal. I present the hand statue to the couple, placed on a piece of decorative mirror.

These can be purchased individually at craft stores and dollar stores.

At Meghan and Michael’s barn wedding:

At Holly and Jason’s lakeside lodge reception:


I’ve been creating these hand statues for over 20 years, and there’s really nothing I treasure more. I have them of my (now deceased) father-in-law holding our daughter’s hand when she was four, my mother (also now deceased) holding our eldest son’s hand when he was eight, my father and step-mother, my husband and myself, and our other son as a baby.

Surprise the bride and groom at the next wedding you attend, with this stunning, thoughtful, and one-of-a-kind wedding gift. They’ll treasure it forever!

Pura vida, Penny


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