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The Best Show To Binge On This Weekend! Bon Appétit!

Don’t think you’d care about what goes into Viennese Whirls, or how they’re made?  Well, this show not just about baking, it’s an opportunity to spend time with people overflowing with passion, optimism, kindness and skill. This show is like a hot pepper…pop that little inconspicuous chile into your mouth and be swept up into the burst of flavor and surprising heat that hits you when least expect it. Seriously, the baking is secondary to everything else. Weekend In The Country Searching for the U.K.’s best amateur bakers, the competition, held in the lush garden of a stately country manor, brings together 12 competitors from all walks of life. They will gather each week and bake their way through ten weekend “bake-fests.” As each episode…

Learn How To Grow Loofahs In Your Garden!

Peering out the window of our tiny house in Costa Rica, I saw our neighbor Josué slowly climbing up a ladder holding a basket full of what looked like overgrown zucchinis. He pulled each one out and placed them side-by-side on his roof, where the unobstructed sun would beat down on them for more than eight hours each day! Why was he doing this to his zucchinis? Josué climbed back up every morning to rotate the large veggies, and after a week of baking in the Costa Rica jungle heat, they’d transformed into a row of dark brown logs. I was dying to know what he was tending to up on his roof, so I asked, “¿Que son esos?” It turned out they were loofahs!…

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