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Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery With Stem Cell Treatment

Updated July 7, 2017 “17, 18 19…” I happily counted off each step as I bounded up the suspended steel and concrete stairs. At the top of the first flight there was a breathtaking view of the ocean I considered a reward for my efforts, so I paused briefly to gaze out at the Pacific, then turned around and flew up the final 40 steps up to our vacation condo. We’d stayed at this same condo a year ago, while on vacation in Costa Rica. At that time, the expedition up and down the 60+ steps, multiple times a day, was daunting and incredibly painful. The reward of relaxing on the beach, or meals out motivated me, as I struggled up the jungle gym of a staircase.…

Stem Cell Treatment In My Knees and Hands Eliminated My Pain!

Updated July 7, 2017 The paper made a crinkling sound as I eased onto my back and waited for the doctor to come in. My heart raced in anticipation, I’d never been this excited to have a medical procedure! I was about to begin stem cell treatment and I couldn’t wait! What it was like I’d been experiencing incredible pain in both of my knees for the past seven years. That pain impacted every aspect of my life. I could barely walk any distance without having to rest, navigate stairs, or sleep through the night. All the doctors I’d seen told me both of my knees were “bone-on-bone” and needed replacing. They said it was my only hope of any restored function and relief of the…

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