Hi! I’m Penny,
After living in Costa Rica for seven years, and traveling around Southeast Asia, I’m now experiencing life in the U.S. while our kids finish school. As a Californian living in the South, each day I’m filled with curiosity, laughter, and wonder during my daily adventures!  My husband and I plan on moving back to Costa Rica and living there for at least for six months each year…someday.
We know what it takes to live and thrive in Costa Rica. It’s not for everyone, but it’s the perfect life for us. That goal informs every decision we make; remodeling our Tennessee home, giving our travel trailer “tiny home” a complete makeover,  and traveling around America while we’re here!
I don’t know exactly how, or when the move will happen. Each day brings new complications and challenges, but none of them insurmountable. Want to see how I do it?

 Let’s pursue a pure life (pura vida) together!

Pura vida, Penny