“About Me” · Reconsidered

Writing my ‘About Me’ page, I noticed the similarity to an obituary. Say nothing negative. Only positive spin on the human experience.

But, falling down, or “hitting rock bottom,” is the most integral part of our life’s trajectory. It prepares us for spiritual growth. Those moments make us who we are.

Why write or blog at all, if you can’t be honest and share about your human foibles? For me, it’s time for a rewrite.

About Me (Updated)

“I love with wild abandon and determination, in equal parts. All injustice tugs on my heart so aggressively it can cloud my judgement. My love disguises itself as anger when I feel like my husband or children have put themselves in danger. I react to humor is like a junky getting their ‘fix.’

Hanging out with pessimists is painful, like fingernails on a chalkboard painful. Math in all its’ forms confounds and repels me. 

My inability to lie is legendary among my family. So much so, that  they drag me into One Night Werewolf games, so they can get a kick out of watching me try. 

I worry about people I don’t even know, ie., the woman behind the counter, the athlete on the field, fictional characters, and every animal. I question everything, including conspiracy theories, and where I’m headed with my life. 

Travel, laughter and prayer replenish most of my occasional soul depletions. I correct people’s grammar in my head, yes, I’m that person. My gift wrapping skills are impressive, and I would happily create art for a living, were someone to pay me. The night people in my life tolerate me in the mornings, because they love me. I don’t read like I used to, or should. I’m passionate about trying to live without chemical exposure, and sourdough bread, coffee and wine. 

Country western music won’t be played at my celebration of life. 

After significant heartbreak, I’ve come full circle and want to offer hope to others. There is no time to waste, so I’m ‘leaning in’ more, these days. I’ve learned the importance of true relationship. I’m grateful for every minute I get to hang out with my loved ones.

I know that love is love, and ‘loving on’ people fills me with joy.”

That’s better.

What does your About Me page say about you? Does it speak to who you truly are, or simply what you want people to think about you?

Pura vida, Penny

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